Davis Vanguard: Pathways to Employment Another Possible Solution to the Homeless Problem

August 1, 2017

They have only been running this program since April, but they have already had one person who has gone through the program get employment in the city of Davis. Bill Pride said he is hoping that in the next three or four months they can have another three or four success stories they can share with the community.

Bill Habicht explained on Wednesday, “What makes this program unique is that they really focus on the dignity of the individual. This is not free labor. Folks are being paid $12 an hour to be in this training program. So it’s about restoring someone’s sense of self-worth which can make a huge difference for someone whose experience for a large portion of their life is ‘you’re (of) no value.’”

As Michael Bisch explained in a guest piece over the week, “The goal of Pathways to Employment is to engage property-owners and businesses in a collaboration to make our downtown brighter and better while offering opportunities to our neediest community members.”

But in order to fund the program, the organizers are setting up what they are calling “giving meters,” which they hope will generate the funding needed to run the program.

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