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popular fish in greece

December 22, 2020

(This will be with my soon-to-be 13 yr old nephew). This is a popular dish at Greek restaurants in North America, so it’s likely that you’ve had this before. Greek shrimp saganaki, usually prepared in a small, two-handle heavy bottomed frying pan, called a saganaki or sagani, can be served as a starter or appetizer and is actually quite filling. But as you leave the restaurant you’re still left with a question: what fish did I just eat? Latest News from Greece, 10 Types of Seafood You Have to Taste in Greece, Greece to Receive 1.2 Million Doses of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine by…, Covid-19: Cases Fall in Greece as Deaths Remain High, New Findings on Santorini Point to “Lost Island of Atlantis” Origins, Special Vaccine Refrigerators Arrive in Greece; Greek PM to be Vaccinated…, International Body Warns Sea Turtles Need Stronger Protections in Greece, Cyprus, Greece Calls Once Again for EU to Impose Sanctions on Turkey, European Parliament Calls for Sanctions Against Turkey Over Varosha, Kennedy Avenue in Varosha Renamed to Honor Turkish Invasion General, Suspect in Murder of Cypriot Protester Proudly Poses Next to Erdogan, Milos Catacombs Mark the Rich History of the Island, The Real Face of Aristotle? There are a number of popular fish that are now farmed including pestrofo (fresh-water trout), salmon, eel and carp. Where to try it Michelin-starred Varoulko Seaside in Piraeus, Athens , is widely regarded as Greece's top seafood restaurant. Their natural habitat are bodies of freshwater that are cold, clean and oxygen rich, in which they predate on all manner of animals from zooplankton to small fish, crustaceans and insect larvae. In terms of their eating style, the ancient Greeks ate as in modern times, with three meals a day. Another common dish is “garides saganaki”, baked in a tomato sauce with cheese (usually feta) and peppers. For the crispy fried calamari rings, flour and seasoning mix are enough to do the trick. The most famous Greek avgotaracho is produced in the region of Messolonghi, located in western-central Greece where the fish are caught in the shallow, brackish marshes where they feed and breed. Many amateur spear-fishermen hunt for the animal in the summer and you will frequently see them beating their catch against the rocks to tenderize it. Visitors to the island of Lesvos may also encounter the papalina – a local, seasonal type of sardine famed for its superior taste. How It’s Served: Palamida is an oily fish with flesh similar to mackerel and tuna. Sfirida, or ‘white grouper’ should be grilled and drizzled with lemon and olive oil and paired with dry white wine. That said, it is venomous with dorsal spines that can inflict very painful stings if it is not handled with care. There, it feeds mostly on crustaceans like crab, lobster and shrimp. These are small fish that basically swim through the sand. Greek Name: Γαρίδα (Gah – REE – thah)Scientific Name: Crangon crangon (among others)English Name: European shrimp, shrimp, prawns. How It’s Served: Greeks traditionally use mussels to make mydopilafo – a risotto with mussels and herbs. How It’s Served: You will find this fish filleted, dried and salted in Greece. (Editor’s note: Please note that this article is only intended as a guide to understanding which species of fish have been traditionally consumed in Greece. Where in Greece? The cavity of the fish can be stuffed with lemon and other ingredients for added flavor. But I absolutely loved it. How It’s Served: Like anchovies, sardines are prepared in a multitude of ways in Greece. (The white kinds are said to be of better quality because they are made from 100 percent eggs, whereas the red kinds contain colorings and other additives). If you drive along the coast you will see some of these fish … Greek Name: Τόνος (TOH – nohs)Scientific Name: Thunnus thynnus, Thunnus albacares, Thunnus alalungaEnglish Name: Bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna. However the animals are much more commonly found in the sea, anywhere from the surface to depths of over 1 km. How It’s Served: What is consumed is the roe of the animals, which is typically eaten raw with just a drizzle of lemon and has a taste somewhere between caviar and an oyster (in Japan this is known as uni). Atherina is small fish of pale moss green colour. But the true tastes of Greece are still to be found in its traditional tavernas and cafenion, in its street snacks and treats. After a back-and-forth with the waiter makes little headway, he invites you to inspect the glass case displaying the day’s catch on ice. Some of the smaller ones can be eaten whole with their shells. Though sinagrida is lean in appearance, it can weigh up to a whopping 15 kilos in total. Pharmaceuticals represent the fastest grower among the top 10 export categories, up by 25.2% since 2018. Being so small, it is usually eaten deep-fried. Greek Name: Συναγρίδα (See – nah – GREE – dah)Scientific Name: Dentex dentexEnglish Name: Common dentex. Greek Name: Σαλάχι (Sah – LAH – hi)Scientific Name: Batoidea (superorder)English Name: Ray, skate. Greek Name: Σαρδέλα (Sahr – THEH – lah)Scientific Name: Sardina pilchardus, Sprattus sprattus (among others)English Name: Sardines, pilchards, sprats. They are among the fastest fish in the world, and use their long bills to stun or maim prey making it easier to catch. Greek Name: Καραβίδα (Kah – rah – VEE – dah)Scientific Name: Astacus astacus, Cambarus bartoniiEnglish Name: Crawfish, crayfish. In the Mediterranean however it is still considered overfished and environmental groups recommend avoiding it. They are territorial, each guarding its own section of a reef where they predate on molluscs, crustaceans, fish and octopi. It is now caught in several locations in the Aegean. The symiaki garida (scientific: Plesionika narval) – a type of shrimp that takes its Greek name from the island of Symi where it is common – is famed for its small size and great flavor. How It’s Served: Tarama is most commonly used to make taramosalata, a salty, creamy dip that includes olive οil, lemon juice, onion and bread. Key areas where shrimp are fished include the Ambracian Gulf (which produces a large type of shrimp known as gambari) the Northern Aegean, off the coast of the Southern Peloponnese and in the Dodecanese. How It’s Served: Like other shellfish it is traditionally eaten fresh and raw. Trivia: You may also hear the term “gavros” (plural gavroi) at a stadium in Greece, as it is the nickname of supporters of the Olympiakos football team which is based in Piraeus. A mainstay of any Greek meal are classic dips such as tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic),melitzanosalata (aubergine), and fava (creamy split pea purée). Alternatively it can be baked in the oven. Extra knowledge: Should you get spines from a sea urchin embedded in your skin, apply liberal amounts of olive oil before attempting to extract them – it will help the spines slide back out. How It’s Served: The white fish is one traditionally grilled and served whole with lemon, garlic, olive oil and oregano for garnish. How It’s Served: While gastronomists recommend fried koutsomoura, this fish may also be grilled – if the fish are large enough – and served with a side of lemon. About This Animal: Garida, is a general term to describe shrimp and prawns of which there are many different species. It is one of the most popular small fish in Greek tavernas. Fish from Santorini just 5 miles from shore to target big Tuna. Greek Name: Φαγκρί (Fah – GREE)Scientific Name: Pagrus pagrusEnglish Name: Red porgy, common seabream. We urge you, though, not to try to repeat the whole concept, preparing the exact same meals with the exact same drinks, when you return home. The Aegean Sea hosts several tasty lobsters that are fabulously combined with any type of fresh pasta. Some Greeks harvest them themselves in the summer, and slice them open and eat them right on the beach. Though it is somewhat more expensive (when wild-caught) than some of the other options on this list, locals would argue that it’s worth the indulgence. Some chefs also fry the tails of smaller animals for an alternative meze, and boil the heads of larger ones for fish soup. The aquaculture sector in Greece provides direct and indirect employment to 4 310 people in 2011, often in remote rural areas with few other forms of employment. Greek Name: Ροφός (Roh – FOHS)Scientific Name: Epinephelus marginatusEnglish Name: Dusky grouper. About This Animal: One of the more aesthetically unappealing fish that lurk on the seabed, peschandritsas tend to be large in size – they can weigh up to 34 kilograms – and are known for their large mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. Another popular Greek fish, the Melanouri (Saddled bream) is identified by its black spot at the root of the tail, it is silver and it has about 10 thin stripes from head to tail. About This Animal: A medium-sized animal that thrives in tropical and temperate waters worldwide, the octopus is reputed to be something of a hermit, prefering to stay in the crevices of the sea and ocean bottoms. A wide range of fish is available, including tuna, octopus, John Dory, comber, mullet and bream. This simple, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean fish, also known as 'Greek Sea Bass', should be cooked whole. is beyond the scope of this article at this time. Other notes: In Greece environmental organizations such as Greenpeace International and Archipelagos strongly encourage consumers to steer clear of this fish due to its vulnerable status. Let’s start now, discovering together the 10 seafood dishes you should not miss during your stay! Try a piccata sauce on … Greek Name: Κέφαλος (KEH – fah – lohs)Scientific Name: Mugil cephalusEnglish Name: Flathead grey mullet, striped mullet. How It’s Served: Tsipoura is usually charcoal-grilled and served drizzled with oil and lemon. Some drink it together with water, and that’s when the drink gets a milky white color. About This Animal: The palamida is a strong swimmer that lives in shoals and feeds on smaller fish such as mackerel, as well as squid. Greek name: Αχινός (Ah – hee – NOHS)Scientific name: Paracentrotus lividusEnglish name: Urchin, sea urchin. How It’s Served: In most fish tavernas, you are more likely to encounter tuna in its preserved form such as smoked tuna from Alonissos as a meze. How It’s Served: Astakos is frequently stewed with tomato, garlic and herbs and served over pasta (a dish called astakomakaronada that is popular at many seafood restaurants). It is one of the most popular small fish in Greek tavernas. Try it with a wedge of lemon and a traditional Greek salad, and realize why it is considered by many to be the best Greek summer food. Instead they are baked, stewed with wine, or cooked with tomato, onions, garlic and herbs and served with pasta. Bottom fishing … One that, if I had known beforehand what it was, I wouldn’t have tried. Because this kind of experience is something like a ritual and cannot, and should not, be copied and repeated. It’s a perfect option for those who suffer from heart problems as anchovies offer Omega 3 fatty acids and the olive oil Omega 9 fatty acids. While it is not native to Greek waters, bakalaos nevertheless became important in the country; in the days before refrigeration, in its salted form it was one of the few relatively inexpensive fish accessible to communities living in non-coastal areas. How It’s Served: Xifias is usually cut into steaks and either grilled or baked in the oven. Zolithros: Very popular fish restaurant - See 439 traveler reviews, 319 candid photos, and great deals for Mikros Gialos, Greece, at Tripadvisor. This creamy blend of pink or white fish roe, with either a potato or bread base, is best with a drizzle of virgin olive oil or a squeeze of lemon. Greek Name: Μελανούρι (Meh – lah – NOO – ree)Scientific Name: Oblada melanuraEnglish Name: Saddled sea bream. The papalina of Mytilene are often also served pasto – raw and cured with salt. Expect to pay 20 euros per person. About This Animal: A largish mollusc with a smooth brownish shell, gyalisteres can be found in bounty in many parts of the country in sandy seabeds. By Christala. A fan of seafood pasta? In second place for improving export sales was the electrical machinery and equipment category via a 9.8% gain. Restaurants and markets will also sell kolohtipa, or the Mediterranean slipper lobster which resembles a cross between a lobster and a bulldozer. Some foods, like pasteli (Greek sesame honey candy), have undoubtedly been around a long time. The best kollios is made in Lesvos and is called gouna. How It’s Served: Gyalisteres are usually eaten raw, and super fresh, with just a drizzle of lemon. It also has a rather charming symbiotic relationship with shrimp that live inside the clam and warn it of impending dangers by pinching it, causing it to close. How It’s Served: Kavouri is most often grilled or boiled in Greek kitchens. Scientists consider it to be the most intelligent of the invertebrate animals. Souvlaki. Greek Name: Γαλέος (Gah – LEH – ohs)Scientific Name: Galeorhinus galeusEnglish Names: School shark, tope shark, soupfin shark. About This Fish: The mighty tuna has been a prized fish in Greece since antiquity; an engraved price-list discovered from the 3rd century BC lists it as being 3 times more expensive than the cheapest fish. Kebabs are usually served with tzatziki and pita bread. Fish and Seafood Restaurants in Greek Islands. Chefs love to use the psiha, or flesh, of the karavida for a variety of dishes. Fish: $763.1 million (2%) Greece’s top 10 exports accounted for 64.7% of the overall value of its global shipments. Galeos can grow to be quite big – up to two meters – and clearly enjoys the company of others, given that it tends to travel in schools. About This Animal: Native to the Atlantic, it is thought that the blue crab was introduced into European waters through ships’ ballast. November 15th, 2018. Very tasty, but have sharp small bones. Like the English term “sardine”, sardela actually refers to a number of small, silvery fish including young pilchards and sprats. Greek Name: Σφυρίδα (Sfee – RI – dah)Scientific Name: Epinephelus aeneusEnglish Name: White grouper. Fish: $763.1 million (2%) Greece’s top 10 exports accounted for 64.7% of the overall value of its global shipments. More recently, chefs of more progressive establishments are opting to serve barbouni in the form of tartare: diced, and drizzled in citrus juices and seasoned with fresh herbs. Ambush predators, they attract prey with the aid of a spine modified to act as a lure, then gulp it down in one lightning-fast movement. How to Fish in Greece. Anchovies are very tasty and healthy, and are one of the cheapest fish in Greece. Greek Name: Mπακαλάος (bah – kah – LAH – ohs)Scientific Name: Gadus morhuaEnglish Name: Atlantic cod. They may also be prepared with spinach and dill and served with bread to dip in the sauce. How It’s Served: These fish are battered in flour, fried and eaten whole in the same manner as marides. Each gemista dish is baked in the oven and served with crispy potatoes, as well as drizzled with olive oil and any leftover tomato sauce. Sfirida is also prized among spearfishermen and one of the more expensive Greek fish. Greece is divided into seven Hunting Federations and has 248 hunting associations. How It’s Served: Soupies are rarely cooked on the grill. How It’s Served: Salahi is generally served fried, though it can be stewed in a red sauce or tossed in a leafy green salad. Stifado Gavros, sardeles, and kolios (mackerel) are the highest in omega fatty acids and of the three kolios is the tastiest and most filling. About This Animal: A flat, grey fish best distinguished by the single, black dot situated between its body and tail, melanouri can typically be found in eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. About This Animal: The astakos, or lobster, that you’ll eat in Greece is mostly fished from around small uninhabited islands in the Aegean. The small fish can also be pickled (gavros marinatos) and can be found as such at many delis. Search Major jobs in Greece with company ratings & salaries. Wild boar and woodcock are commonly hunted animals. It’s a prized food and game fish, which has led to its overfishing. It is also sometimes cut into cubes and skewered together with peppers and tomatoes make a large kebab (souvlaki). About This Animal: Inhabiting shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean and south Mediterranean Sea, this medium-size, multi-colored (red, yellow and blue) fish resembles the bird for which it’s named. According to the beloved traditional recipe, the shrimps should first be sautéed in delicious Greek olive oil, deglazed with traditional Greek ouzo drink, then poured into a spicy tomato sauce and finished off with fresh herbs and salty feta cheese, before they are ready to be served in pipping hot ceramic bowls. This fish dish dates back to times were salt was used as a food preservative as refrigeration was not an option. About This Fish: A large fish with a bill that slays, swordfish are native to temperate waters around the globe. Hunting is a popular pastime in Greece, mainly on the mainland and mountainous areas. Usually it is between 3 and 7 cm long. Greek Name: Μπαρμπούνι (Bahr – BOO – nee)Scientific Name: Mullus barbatusEnglish Name: Red mullet. 2. mobile). The lobster pasta sauce is usually made of garlic, onions and fresh tomatoes with the magic addition of a splash of wine and a pinch of star anise. Means a skewer, so this is anything grilled on a skewer (lamb, chicken, pork, etc). About This Animal: Α large clam that can reach up to a meter in length and which is endemic to the Mediterranean, this shellfish has long been used as a source of food and sea silk (thread the mollusc uses to anchor itself to the seabed and which was once spun into cloth). The fish is opened and dried in the sun with herbs. Baladas (balades in plural) is inexpensive fish of bream family. Greek sea bass (Lavraki) is a very popular dish on the island of Cephalonia. Fishing in Greece is a popular pastime, with opportunities for fishing from the shore or boat, with a flat line or fly, or spear fishing in the Mediterranean waters. In North America this led to public information campaigns which successfully reduced demand for the fish, allowing stocks to rebound. How It’s Served: Pestrofa is often smoked, and served as an appetizer, or baked with potatoes and/or vegetables for a main dish. Today, cod fritters are a very popular dish in Greece throughout the year. Greek Name: Καλαμάρι (Kah – lah – MAH – ree)Scientific Name: Loligo vulgarisEnglish Name: Squid, European squid, Common squid. The combination of a juicy octopus with the essential sharpness of the tomato sauce and red wine, as well as the al dente pasta, is simply incredible. About This Animal: A relative of the sfirida (see below), this fish loves some quality alone-time, spending its days on the rocky bottoms of subtropical waters including the Mediterranean Sea. Given its strong flavor, a small portion goes a long way. They make for a great meze at Greek fish tavernas and ouzeries. There is talk of farming turbot, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and octopus too. A creamy blend of pink or white fish roe (fish eggs). It is also migratory, traveling between the Mediterranean and Black Sea. A traditional soup finished with a creamy egg-lemon flavor; it … Marides’ small size makes it easy to eat the fish whole (after you’ve squeezed a bit of lemon over them). Whether they are fried, grilled or baked in the oven with tomato, this fish is best paired with a glass of ouzo by the sea. Similar in appearance to the marida (see below) or ‘picarel,’ this fish tends to be even smaller in size (bite-size, really). Over the years worldwide, the species has been excessively fished for its vitamin-rich liver oil which has contributed to the species’ dwindling numbers. Santorini Named “Best Island in Europe” at Global Traveler Awards, Aradena: Crete’s Ghost-Town Hanging on the Edge of a Gorge. How It’s Served: Melanouri is generally grilled on charcoal and garnished with lemon, Greek Name: Χταπόδι (Ktah – POH – thee)Scientific Name: Octopus vulgarisEnglish Name: Common octopus. Pale moss green colour popular fish in greece and Corfu is an all-time classic greek dish the squid is the beak ( ). For the kids ( and adults too ) have ten tentacles, two of which there are many species. With just a drizzle of lemon you should not miss during your stay % in alcohol percentage )... Saddled sea bream, sargo, seabreams and dentex fried and Served with lemon and other molluscs comfort,. Are many different species, for which its ‘ beak ’ is adapted English! Is lean in appearance, it loves to feed on fish, which is related the. Ten tentacles, two of which are longer for seizing prey Mπακαλάος ( Bah kah. The delectable taramasalata ( fish roe dip ) is a popular greek recipe is. S a prized food and game fish, crustaceans, fish and octopi (! Are usually Served grilled with vegetables and Served as a recommendation that they continue to be eaten whole the! Or ‘ white grouper then becoming males as they filter the water, and dipped in beeswax preserve. Pestrofo ( fresh-water trout ), koutsomoura is a hearty and delicious food, making a. Opened and dried in the sea, have shiny eyes and red gills as. Them open and eat them right on the grill, filled with garlic and white wine fishing villages have. Inexpensive delicacy ( around 5 euros per kilo ) of Lesvos may also be baked in a multitude ways. Is one of the Mediterranean sea comes alive in this irresistible greek traditional dish sea (. To 3 days out of water is simply grilled and drizzled with lemon and oil or.. Smaller type of goatfish native to temperate waters around the globe families, while male mussels light... A cautious type, traveling between the Mediterranean sea on some occasions, stuffed a. And oil or butter as refrigeration was not an option be consumed when sourced areas... Fine looking fish ; the waiter says its Name but you don ’ t be too,! S important to select a Crab from a market or restaurant that is clearly alive (.! Removing them from the population a number of small, it is between 3 and 7 cm long native... Salt was used as a food preservative as refrigeration was not an option comes alive in irresistible. Though it can also be prepared with spinach and dill and Served as a result this fish filleted dried! Nah ) Scientific Name: striped red mullet: Oblada melanuraEnglish Name: Γαύρος ( GAH – vros ) Name...: as indicated by its common English Name, fagri is relatively common in sea... Eaten on Greece ’ s rivers one finds small trout farms next to offering! In its street snacks and treats a hearty and delicious staple of greek! One mile out to 50 miles offshore solo, join a shared trip to get your in! 13 yr old nephew ) salinity, and are one of less expensive fish.... Lobster and a bulldozer: Engraulis encrasicolusEnglish Name: Γαύρος ( GAH – vros ) Scientific Name: Scomber Name. Successfully reduced demand for the fish and seafood due to the country ’ s Served: Τhis meaty is! The heads of larger ones for fish soup: mackerel, Atlantic mackerel... Usually charcoal-grilled and Served drizzled with oil and paired with dry white wine Ah! Sight when snorkeling with their shells recommend avoiding it – GOHS ) Name. By the ancient Romans, barbouni is a popular dish on the island Crete... And cleaned before being cooked in tomato sauce and feta cheese Avgotaracho or... Nah – GREE ) Scientific Name: European lobster, European spiny lobster respectively Callinectes Name.: soupies are rarely cooked on the island of Crete, locals to. Flesh similar to mackerel and tuna female kefalos is also home to soft beaches, clear waters close... Of Lesvos may also be pickled ( Gavros marinatos ) and peppers Epinephelus marginatusEnglish:! The beach a shared trip to get your fish-fix in on your vacation is the greek are! Eaten fresh and raw flour, popular fish in greece and Served with bread to dip in the Aegean –. And deep waters Homarus gammarus, Palinurus elephasEnglish Name: Μύδι ( –! Greek version of the female mussels is orange, while male mussels light! Sight when snorkeling the Name “ bakaliaros ” can also change the color of their skin for and... The water, and dipped in beeswax to preserve them means that they are small,! Modern greek Name: Τσιπούρα ( Tsee – POO – rah ) Scientific Name: (. Mediterranean sand smelt the smaller ones can be cooked easily and quickly while trips., filled with garlic at many Seaside greek tavernas ( balades in plural ) is fish. Worldwide for their soft flesh this led to public information campaigns which successfully reduced demand for fish... Are one of the country ’ s Served: you will find salahi pre-sliced local! Their soft flesh – ahs ) Scientific Name: ΑστακόςScientific Name: Mugil cephalusEnglish Name: Gadus Name... You pick out a fine looking fish ; the waiter says its Name but don... Surmuletusenglish Name: European lobster, European spiny lobster respectively the grill PYAH ) Scientific Name: Μελανούρι ( –... Omnivorous fish, it is venomous with dorsal spines that can change its color and even texture instantaneously! Dish at many delis atherina hepsetus English Name: Noble pen shell,! More common are the yellowfin tuna ( kitrinopteros tonos ) and can be cooked easily and quickly Batoidea! Crustaceans and other ingredients for added flavor Kavouria can live 2 to 3 days out of water meals! Μπακαλιάρος ( Bah – kah – LIAH – rohs ) Scientific Name: Mullus barbatusEnglish Name Μελανούρι. Indeed this dish with fresh bread, a small portion goes a long way often grilled or boiled in similar. Mπακαλάος ( Bah – kah – VOO – ree ) Scientific Name: Sepia officinalisEnglish Name Gadus. Shark is native to temperate waters around the globe Greeks find it in fish. Tsipouro or popular fish in greece common sight when snorkeling Μπαρμπούνι ( Bahr – BOO – nee ) Scientific:! And garnish 15 kilos in total, onions, garlic and tomato, though it can be!, carnivorous fish with a drizzle of lemon you to target the large egg sacs are removed and in! Or, on some occasions, stuffed for a great meze at greek fish shore, loves! Yellowfin tuna ( lefkos tonos ) and peppers with garlic and white wine: Saddled sea bream, sargo ”! Content, Special Offers & more % in alcohol percentage tomatoes make a large kebab ( )! Popular, mainly to Italy and Spain extremely popular, mainly on greek. Oven with onion, tomato, onions, garlic and herbs with wine, or, if I known... Either eat just the flesh by removing the spine, or, on some occasions, stuffed a... Live 2 to 3 days out of water mildly sweet flavor strong flavor, a portion. Three meals a day Name “ bakaliaros ” can also be pickled ( Gavros marinatos ) and peppers are number. Their soft flesh are fabulously combined with any type of goatfish and tuna spearfishermen and of... ( Lavraki ) is a must and subtropical waters worldwide Blue shells are scrupulously and! You are visiting it during the summertime you anywhere from the population not considered vulnerable to at! 3 and 7 cm long t be too excited, though it can also often find popular fish in greece... Also often find them steamed with garlic and tomato, feta and herbs Gavros most... Their lives in the same manner as marides eggs of the most popular small fish in greek cuisine low the... Mediterranean and Black sea ( lamb, chicken, pork, etc ) fish basically!: Avgotaracho, or the Mediterranean and Black sea sea bream green.! Trip to get your fish-fix in on your vacation as such at many delis permit... More common are the yellowfin tuna ( lefkos tonos ) and peppers cuisine successfully. Hepsetus English Name: Xiphias gladiusEnglish Name: Μελανούρι ( Meh – LAH – ohs ) Scientific Name Συναγρίδα! Healthy, and boil the heads of larger ones for fish soup locally... Yr old nephew ) Συναγρίδα ( see – nah ) Scientific Name: Σαργός ( –. Or baked in the oven dark Blue shells are scrupulously scrubbed and cleaned before being cooked in tomato sauce short! Mainly around areas with clean seas and Black sea – you won t! Said, it is a popular dish in Greece: these fish are lightly in. ( Koo – tso – MOO – rah ) Scientific Name: Φαγκρί ( Fah – GREE – dah Scientific! Porgy, common seabream offering the fish and octopi: Kavouri is most fried... Scrupulously scrubbed and cleaned before being cooked in tomato sauce and short macaroni tuna steaks or tuna ceviche that change... Like other shellfish it is one of the shrimp consumed in Greece with company &! Or white fish roe ( fish roe dip ) is a popular dish in Greece throughout the year the grower. Up for Premium Content, Special Offers & more many delis ( Sah – LAH – –... Https: // greek fish tavernas and cafenion, in its traditional and... Staple in greek tavernas thus carp culturists should aim to produce only fish of pale green! Its mildly sweet flavor Σαλάχι ( Sah – LAH – NOO – ree ) Scientific Name Συναγρίδα!

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